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BD4NRG Final Open Call Workshop, December 19, 2023


BD4NRG project used the cascade funding mechanism to support the development of new tools and APIs by innovative SMEs. The BD4NRG Consortium supported the 8 SMEs through a 6-month programme by granting each participant up to €60k (equity-free funding), offered free coaching and free access to high-end infrastructure.

The 8 SMEs implemented innovative solutions and prototypes under BD4NRG’s three main pillars for Electricity Network Operation (BD4-NET), Distributed Energy Resources (BD4-DER), and Energy Efficiency in buildings (BD4-ENEF) and shared with the BD4NRG Consortium their results during an internal Open Call Final Workshop which held online on December 19th, 2023.  Interesting ideas on the next steps and the exploitation perspectives of each project were elaborated during the workshop.  The BD4NRG partners encouraged the SMEs to create new collaborations between them and with Consortium partners to further test and validate their prototypes.

As a general conclusion, through the Open Call initiative, the BD4NRG Open Call projects expanded the portfolio of solutions offered to BD4RNG piloted applications, as BD4NRG developed and provided an Analytics Toolbox and the BD4NRG project gained the ability to provide extended solutions through its Toolbox.