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BD4NRG Open Call webinar, November 24, 2022


BD4NRG successfully organized the BD4NRG Open Call webinar which was held online on November 24 of 2022.

The BD4NRG Project Coordinator, Massimo Bertoncini(ENG) and the Consortium technical experts Apostolos Kapetanios(ED), Diego Arnone(ENG), Arturo Medela(ATOS) and Nikos Dimitropoulos(NTUA) presented the BD4NRG project and the technical solutions that are being developed in the framework of BD4NRG project. They highlighted the need for new innovative solutions and prototypes under the Open Call initiative to be incorporated in the BD4NRG framework. The BD4NRG Open Call Partner (CINTECH) represented by Maria Papadimitriou presented the rules and guidelines of BD4NRG Open Call.  

Through the BD4NRG Open Call, the BD4NRG Consortium is looking for up to 10 SMEs and Start-ups that will introduce Big-data governance and analytical applications in the energy sector (under BD4NRG’s three main pillars BD4-NET, BD4-DER, BD4-ENEF)

– Successful applications will receive max. 60 000 euros funding

– Innovative ideas are searched across 4 topics, efficiency and reliability of electricity networks operation improvement, optimisation of grid and distributed assets, energy efficiency investments planning, and cross-cutting applications

– The call is open until 15 December 2022

Did you miss the BD4NRG Open Call webinar?

You may watch the recording video here!

Also you can download Experts’ Presentations below: